Sunday, October 16, 2011


This doll was created on the 3d of May , it turned out to be International Sun Day!

Though the sun didn't appear that day, we switched on all the eight bulbs of our ceiling-lamp and this is the result of our photo shoot )))

My Pollyanna refused to put on a red-checked gingham dress, though a piece of red-black fabric has been waiting for half-year (obviously, for some other girl)
But she couldn't resist the straw hat with sunflowers – must be because she is a very sunny girl and she herself looks like a sunflower.
At first Pollyanna felt chilly and was wrapping a warming scarf around her, that's why I had to sew a coat for her – moreover, its fashion she chose herself again – a flannel cape with a hood ))

And this is her cardboard “distressed” trunk, the whole week I've been painting and distressing different things )

I could hardly persuade this modest girl to show the underskirt (the underskirt and the pants are colored with strongly brewed tea)

Oh, now it has become clear, what she was ashamed of – her patched stockings!

And once again – her shoes (made of thick furniture genuine leather, the soles are of felt, the buttons are in fact metal shoe-snaps painted with acrylic)

The doll's height is about 22'' (55 cm); there's a wire armature inside, she can bend her arms-legs-neck.

The sequel “Pollyanna Grows Up” I liked not so much, it's too mawkish and because grown-up Pollyanna is not so sunny-positive as Pollyanna-child.
And I've been trying to play 'the Glad Game' the whole my life due to my grandmother- my mum's mother – Yevdokiya Yegorovna, who as an adult stayed a mischievous child in her soul; and how I miss her laugh! Though it's been already 40 years since she passed away. And probably it was owing to her that I started to sew dolls.


  1. Es sencillamente divina, me encanta, las pecas las coletitas , la ropa toda una delicia de muñeca. Felicidades

  2. I am so in love with your dolls. I made one from one of your patterns and she was perfect I love her so much. Thank you for sharing your patterns they are all so beautiful.
    Love Veronica