Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lucy & Giraffe White

I love Holly Clifton-Brown so much! She paints alive characters – textile dolls, and my favorite Raggedy is too from one of her illustrations ))

And her Ballet Girls! Alice! The White Rabbit! Elephant!

And the rabbit-boy Ludo!

My husband liked a lot Lucy from the picture “Lucy & Elephant White”.

And there she was, ready for his birthday ))

And her oversized “father's” boots make her stand all alone.

And what's more, Dima likes giraffes )) And it even seemed to me that the giraffe looked more appealing to him than did Lucy ))

The doll's height is about 20'' (50 cm); there's a wire armature inside; it's made of natural materials (cotton, leather, felt); hair is of felting wool; her hat and mittens are crocheted of cotton yarn.